3 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

3 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

As many already know, sleep is incredibly important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. During this time, your body begins to repair, recover and rejuvenate which in turn allows you to have more energy to go through your busy day. Here are some quick tips to make sure you can maintain that high-quality sleep you need.


Using a phone in bed

Put it away: It's called the BEDroom for a reason. A major inhibitor of good sleep is the amount of activities/distractions we’ve brought into our bedrooms in today’s day and age. Anything from doing work on your laptop to scrolling through social media on your phone plays a pivotal role in keeping you up late at night, and preventing you from getting that beauty sleep.


Sleep Hygiene

Check yourself before you wreck yourselfMany experts have agreed that both your diet and level of physical activity throughout the day has a direct impact on your quality sleep. Try to limit your calorie intake at least two hours prior to hitting the pillow. As well, sugar and/or caffeine acts as a stimulant and may also disrupt your sleeping regime (duh, yes, but many packaged foods have more of these ingredients than you might think)!


Quality Sleep

Set the stage, Superstar: Although we tend to think about our mind and body as two separate entities, they’re actually highly dependent upon each other. This means once bedtime rolls around, you've got to be comfortable in the environment you’ve set for yourself. Some tips to reinforce this notion include adjusting your curtains to prevent light from coming in or even purchasing a sleep mask which will ultimately allow for uninterrupted sleep. As well, considering we as humans spend a third of our lives in bed, maybe it’s time to go mattress shopping for something both firm yet comfy.